Mark James Abouzeid | Fine Art Photographer

Photography means Painting with Light…these are my paintings.

I am a sensual person more than I visual one. My eyesight is one of my weakest senses. When I prepare to create a photo, the first thing I do is close my eyes allowing my other senses to take over. I focus all my efforts and intent on triggering the same sensations in the viewer via visual clues.

I capture that which connects us all as fellow human beings and how we express this differently through our own unique cultures. My collections are intended to inspire but also provoke.

I am a a purist. I prefer costumes, props and locations to photoshop, and only traditional darkroom adjustments in post-production. The more complex the desired impact, the greater the challenge. I may stage incredible scenes but when I get behind the camera, I am capturing a reality of my own creation already seen in my mind’s eye.

If you see a beautiful photo, I have failed; if you can smell the coffee and your mouth waters, then I have barely succeeded; but if you feel an emotion overcoming you, then the effort was worth it.